4 Things College DOESN’T Teach Us About The Job Search

With the millions of qualified, experienced individuals in the job market, sometimes a college degree just isn't enough to land you the dream job. Yes, college may give us tools and courses to help push through some applicant pools, but there are several lessons we've learned solely from career coaches that'll guarantee success in the job search. Read along to discover for yourself the important lessons of the job search from our career coaches. It's like a head start on the path to your dream job—who doesn't want that?

5 Freelance Opportunities That You Can Start Today

It may be the perfect time for college students to explore the option of freelancing. While this path doesn't necessarily seem as steady a work-source as an hourly job, it can be quite advantageous. The expenses associated with college can be difficult to anticipate. By freelancing you have a chance to take control of your schedule. you get to decide how much your time and energy is worth, as you define your own rates. No longer do you have to work for minimum wage. Starting independent work as a side hustle early can surely contribute to becoming career-ready.

5 Difficult Job Interview Questions You NEED To Know How To Answer

Walking into a job interview without preparing for tough questions can be scary. The last thing you want to do is stumble your way through your answers in front of your potential employers. With some self-reflection and practice, you can be ready for those curveball questions at your next interview. We're here to help you with five difficult job interview questions and how to answer them. What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses? When you answer this question, you shouldn't sell yourself short.

5 Ways To Digitally Stand Out In The 2020 Job Market

Navigating the job market during the digital age can be daunting with the rapidly evolving demands. However, employees and job seekers can expand their work opportunities through acquiring some digital skills that are in-demand in today's 2020 job market. Jobs requiring digital skills have increased 4% since 2014, according to a report by Burning Glass technologies. The increase comes in light of companies targeting better consumer relations and overall business operations. Here are five digital skills that you could acquire to be part of the future of many developing businesses.

4 Tips On Maintaining Career Growth During A Pandemic

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, professionals have found themselves in an uncertain period while they navigate the next steps in their careers. If you have found yourself in this predicament, don't fret; there are still ways you can grow your career. Here are four simple ways to impress your current or future employer by maintaining motivation while life is on hold. One key way to keep your skills fresh is to freelance! When the pandemic is over, employers will be impressed if they see that you cr

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