Bozoma Saint John and Her Undeniable Legacy

Bozoma Saint John is one of the most sought out marketers and speakers in almost every professional space. Her nearly 20-year old career spans over multiple industries including fashion, music, sports, and entertainment. Most recently, she was named the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix on June 30th, 2020. Before being appointed to her new position, Saint John was the Chief Brand Officer at Uber, a marketing executive at Apple Music, and the Chief Marketing Officer for Endeavor, an Amer

3 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month Virtually –

The month of February serves to reaffirm and uphold Black peoples' historical importance in America. Due to the pandemic and the country's general modernizing, in 2021, this national holiday will unfold on most digital platforms. With this month's learnings being promoted on our Instagram and Twitter feeds, and content curation expanding on dedicated Pinterest boards, it can be easy to forget other alternative ways to support digitally. Here are a few ways to enhance your Black History Month ce

Why the Diversity and Inclusion Conversation Must Prioritize Black Womxn

In today’s workplace , companies have been expanding their D&I programs and initiatives to prioritize the experiences of marginalized groups to ensure professional equity for current and future employees. Yet, these same entities fail to implement incorporating D&I initiatives from an intersectional lens. Black womxn live at the intersection of "double jeopardy," a unique social condition that specifically impacts those who simultaneously experience the microaggressions of racism and sexism. Th

The Impact of Black Women Who Are TV Leads

Statements of love and stories of nostalgia flooded social media afterNetflix included Black comedic classics like Sister, Sister, Moesha, and Girlfriends to its queue. All of the shows have one key element in common: Black female leads. Seeing Black women's triumphs, struggles, and identities on network television are essential and the true embodiment of "for us, by us." a concept that brings art and culture made for and by the Black American community. These shows manifest how vital it is to

Five People Innovating in Virtual Learning

Due to COVID-19, virtual learning has extended into another academic year for the vast majority of schools and universities. In particular, the education industry is among the most affected here in the United States, and questions about meaningful development are top of mind for teachers and educational leaders alike. There is room for continuous growth and development from the best remote learning practices to implement due to the lack of in-person contact. As a result, many teachers and profe

The Top 15 Black TikTok Stars/Influencers You Should Know and Why

Black Influencers are dominating almost all social media platforms, especially TikTok. Whether they are dropping the latest makeup looks or creating the next viral dance challenge, Black creatives are the most consistent digital trendsetters. Alongside their work in the creative sector, Black creatives are forming the intersection of viral social media content and activism by using their platforms to increase attention to social issues that impact the Black community. While Black creatives

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