What It's Like for Black Professionals To Work In A White-Washed Fashion Industry

As the world begins to see the lack of diversity within almost every industry, many black professionals in the fashion spectrum are speaking up. Black people who work in the fashion industry are feeling more anxious and hyper aware of the often overlooked underrepresentation in their respected fields. These issues have been brewing for centuries as racism has pervaded in this country. Though, this particular time is giving many black fashion professionals an opportunity to speak about their experiences in the often white washed spectrum of fashion.

10 Black Fashion Photographers to Know

Behind every beautiful photograph, there is work and creative direction that goes on behind the camera.Whether their work is seen on magazine covers, ad campaigns, or your instagram feed, photographers- especially black creatives- play a huge role in modern day inspiration in the fashion world. Unfortunately, black creatives are often the most overlooked and underrepresented group in the industry. Luckily, Charley Magazine has compiled a list of ten fashion photographers you need to enhance your instagram feed and to give exposure to some of the fastest growing fashion photographers in the industry.

Summer Style: 10 Black-Owned Swimsuit Brands To Shop Now

In light of quarantine extending into summer, whether you live by the pool or just love relaxing in your backyard, you can never have too many swimsuits. So when it comes to building your summer wardrobe, swimwear seems to be the most essential item on the list. From print to solid colors, black-owned businesses are dominating the fashion industry and are taking summer style by storm. With designers from Nigeria to New York City, the expanse of style based on cultural elements is endless and wil

Zodiac Influencers on Astrology and Common Misconceptions

Astrology, the practice used to reveal the conscious & unconscious beliefs about reality, has gained a lot of attention in mainstream media. The growth of astrology on social media has allowed more people to access content related to astrology but has also played a big part in promoting misconceptions. From blatant generalizations about the signs to assumptions of fortune-telling, it’s not surprising that everyone seems to have a different perception of its relevance.

How to Safely Prepare for a Protest

On May 25, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man was brutally murdered by a Minneapolis police officer named Derek Chauvin. Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for approximately 8 minutes and 46 seconds, including three minutes of Floyd being completely unresponsive. Floyd’s untimely death has sparked a chain reaction of protests, as activists demand justice for Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and other victims of police brutality. In the middle of a global pandemic, local city residents and

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