It's Time To Learn Your Sign: How To Read And Understand Your Personal Chart •

Astrology, the practice used to reveal the conscious & unconscious beliefs about reality, has gained a lot of attention in mainstream media lately. While t astrology’s growing popularity on social media has allowed more people access to it, it’s also played a big part in promoting misconceptions. From blatant generalizations about the signs to assumptions of fortune-telling, it’s not surprising that everyone seems to have a different perception of its relevance. As users look to social platforms

How to Give Yourself a Spiritual Bath •

As I have increased my time at home, I often find myself searching for a comfortable area to relax and decompress. One of the best places that I’ve been able to do this ⁠— and also disconnect⁠ from social media and technology⁠ — is by having a spiritual bath. When most people think of a bath, what comes to mind is a warm and relaxing tub full of water with your favorite sparkling bath bomb fizzling and your favorite scent emanating through the air. Most people also think of the occasional candle

Not Wearing Braids on your Birthday is Deeper than a “Preference.” •

Eurocentric styles have always been pushed as the standard of beauty, whether in the presence of white people or even in the comforts of our communities. Think about it. Every Easter, you’d find yourself in the living room chair the night before Sunday morning service, having your hair scorched to achieve the perfect silk press. It’s no surprise that we strived to have straight hair for special occasions. Even as children that’s what was associated as being the most put-together and “classy.”

These Women Re-Shaped My Thoughts on Spirituality as a Black Woman •

After adding affirmation cards to my daily routine, I slowly began to form a greater interest in astrology and found Novi Brown, an actor and astrologer who is all about offering spiritual guidance in collaboration with astrology. Her page has over 20+ IGTV videos that provide guidance and advice that helped strengthen my understanding of God and view his power in my life in a new light. One of my favorite videos by her that is clipped from one of her longer IG lives is “God is giving us time to

Tips to Bag Your Quarantine Bae — and A Cuffing Playlist •

It’s primetime for the cuffing season, as we begin to enter the season of love and a true day of passion, Valentine’s Day. Whether you already have a bae in mind or you’re dealing with your singledom as the holiday slowly arises. This is the perfect playlist to either get in your feelings or cozy up with your valentine. Here are a few cuffing tips to get prepared for the holiday: Know What You Want While in quarantine, there are only a few avenues to find your next bae, with the most popular

Twenty Years, Twenty Lessons: What I've Learned So Far Now That I'm 20 •

Last month, I celebrated my 20th birthday with some of the most important people in my life. I would have never imagined spending my birthday in the middle of a pandemic — nor would I have imagined typing this article in the comforts of my mother’s home. Regardless of the circumstances, I have still maintained some significant self-growth and wanted to document how much I’ve learned a lot throughout my time here, so here are 20 lessons that I’ve learned over 20 years. Although I’m just now ente

Temple Tunes: The Playlist for Manifesting into 2021 •

2020 has been beyond overwhelming and is notably one of the most tumultuous years I’ve ever experienced. From the beginning of a pandemic to the loss of so many legends like Chadwick Boseman and Kobe Bryant, this year has brought a wave of emotions. But even amid the chaos, there is still room for positive energy going into the new year. So as you manifest the life you deserve moving into the new year, listen to this playlist to set those goals and create your ideal mindset going into 2020. The

Screen-free ways to unplug during the holidays •

As we enter the holiday season and spend time with our loved ones or enjoy the holiday season alone, you may also be looking for ways to disconnect from the overwhelming bright screens that come from our many devices. To help with this, Temple Indigo has created a list of screen-free ways to unplug during the holidays after a year of Zoom calls, FaceTimes, and social media scrolling as we connected on a virtual level. • Take a walk with no devices: Yes, I know it may be chilly or even freezing

Temple Tunes: The Playlist to Elevate Your Mood •

During the stay at home lockdowns and worries related to the impact of COVID-19, it is easy to get down and discouraged about the uncertain future. Luckily, music is a great way to help elevate your mood to make you feel happier and more hopeful about the future. Temple Indigo has created a playlist filled with happiness inducers that will help raise your vibrations to the next level. These sing-along tunes and throwback cut out jams are perfect whether you’re throwing a virtual party or having

Here's Some of the Best Black Christmas TV Episodes to Watch To Spice Up Your Holiday Season •

Whew! What an interesting winter season this has been shaping up to be! Have you been staying safe but cozied up? We certainly hope so! And as we’re all finding new holiday binges and Christmas movies to spread the cheer, Black holiday Christmas episodes feel more important now than ever. They set the tone, are full of laughs, and (most importantly) speak beautifully and authentically to our individual experiences. Temple Indigo has compiled a list of Christmas episdoes from your favorite Black

Last Minute Resolutions: Creating Your Rest of 2020 Checklist •

2020 has proved itself to be one of the most unexpected and tumultuous years to date. In fact, it felt like three years of chaos meshed into a measly 11 months. That being said, even amid all this disarray, there is still a bit of time left to use the remaining days of 2020 to our advantage. Here is a “Remainder of the Year To-Do List” for you to use to help make the most out of the end of 2020. Yes, I know this sounds particularly hard to manage throughout the busy holiday season, but find a

Temple Tunes: The Playlist for a Soulful Holiday Season •

It’s about that time to bring out the hot cocoa and unpack your year-old bins of ornaments! As you get ready for the Christmas season, it’s essential to have your go-to holiday playlist prepared to be put on replay in honor of the festivities. Temple Indigo is here to offer you the perfect holiday hits to get you in the spirit of trimming your Christmas tree and hosting your first-ever holiday zoom party! Check out our favorites below featuring the R&B holiday classics!

Cozy Collections: Winter Style Guide Featuring Black-Owned Brands

When the temperature begins to drop, it always feels like a challenge to style outfits that look fashionable without forcing yourself to freeze in the process. Despite the inconveniences of the chilly weather conditions, you can still style cute and cozy everyday looks. Temple Indigo is here to offer you a mini shopping guide for your winter style as we enter into the chillier months. This styling guide featuring black-owned designers’ work is a great tool to help purchase the best essential lo

Black-Owned Skin Care Guide: Winter Edition – Temple Indigo | Sacred, sensual, wildly intentional lifestyle brand for Black women.

It’s National Healthy Skin Care Month, and Temple Indigo has created the perfect winter skincare guide featuring products from black-owned skincare companies. As we enter the season of snow angels and marshmallows by the fire, there is no denying our skin is more susceptible to dry skin than ever. The winter’s dry and cold air can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy, red, and dull. As we face the winter skin effects, a few easy changes to your skincare routine can go a long way when it comes to p

7 Affirmations to Begin Your Spiritual Journey

The way we think tends to be how we choose to carry ourselves, and the first step to growth is in our self-love journey. We have to remember not only to love, but to intentionally affirm and support ourselves. One way to ensure that we speak the love and light that we want in life is through affirmations. Affirmations are statements that assert that something is true. Implementing positive affirmations in your life is essentially declaring positive thoughts about yourself that are meaningful i

Temple Tunes: The Playlist For Hopeless Romantics

Whether you are currently in Love or just smitten with the idea of Love, this is the perfect playlist for you. This playlist, inspired by the ’90s and early 2000’s love songs, is sure to fulfill your romantic needs and offer a sense of nostalgia in the process! As we enter the winter, cuffing season is among us, and hopeless romantics worldwide are thinking about someone to stay warm until the winter blows over. Love makes the world go round, and these love songs are perfect for your sweet, hop

Temple Tunes: The Playlist For Sweater Weather

November is a period of growth, transition, and reflection. As we transition into the change of seasons both externally and internally, this week’s Temple Tunes playlist reflects R&B and Alternative inspirations. The season of thanks is here, and the anticipation of the holidays reminds us of what we’re grateful for. In preparation for seasonal gatherings with family and friends, you can be sure of two things: there will be food, and there will be music. But unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving doesn’t come with a built-in playlist of holiday tunes.

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